This is the index page for my Mac Power User In Training project.

I’m a long-time MS Windows user. Long enough to know how to use it well, and deal with its many downsides and annoyances.

The growing community of Mac users caught my attention, and I decided to check on the hype. A couple of months ago I got a mid-2012 13-inch MacBook Pro, running OS X 10.9. I was a newbie user once again, and it wasn’t easy. Since it’s not fair to compare the experience of a newbie Mac user to that of a Windows power user, I decided I should become a Mac pro as fast as I can.

Follow this project to see how I go about it. If you already are a Mac power user, don’t hesitate to share your tips with me, so I can learn faster 🙂 . If you’re a newcomer, like me, I hope my documented training will benefit you.

See also my post on side projects workflow for details on projects and index pages.

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