The Ostrich Website Project Roadmap (v1)

In this post, I lay out a roadmap for The Ostrich website project.

Milestones Before Launch

  1. Decide on branding details.
    • Stay with What should be the name and tagline for the new site?
    • Expected outcome: Site name and tagline decided; Relevant domain purchased; Relevant profile / page names registered with leading social networks.
  2. Choose a content platform.
    • Already have some experience with WordPress.
    • Do some research and experimentation with more platforms, like SquareSpace, Tumblr, Blogger, etc.
    • Analyze how the different options meets my requirements.
    • Expected outcome: Chosen platform with maximum requirements met.
  3. Design site.
    • If I want a professional-looking site, I’d better work with a professional designer.
    • Minimal design components: Branded logo and profile images, customized styles and theme to match.
    • Nice to have: Consistent design for social network pages / profiles, newsletter, etc.
    • Expected outcome: Mock site with design applied.
  4. Choose hosting service provider.
    • Analyze different offerings against my requirements.
    • Prefer hosting that can be optimized for chosen content platform.
    • Expected outcome: Hosting plan purchased; Mock instance of chosen content platform installed.
  5. Set up sandbox site.
    • Expected outcome: Site is up on chosen hosting, via a sandbox subdomain; Design applied; Content from imported for reference.
  6. Optimize sandbox site.
    • Expected outcomes: Imported content optimized for new site; Content platform configured and optimized to meet maximum requirement; My processes and workflows are updated to work with new site.
  7. Content backlog buildup.
    • Expected outcome: I prepare enough content to meet my own publishing frequency after launch, without collapsing.
  8. Set up social networks pages / profiles.
    • Expected outcome: Branded pages / profiles up at least on Facebook, Twitter, Google+.
  9. Set up mailing list service.
    • Expected outcome: Mailing list service plan ready to receive signups; Signup widget embedded in site layout.

Launch-related Milestones

  1. Launch! 🙂

Post-Launch Milestones

  1. Keep it up?
  2. Verify site backup.
  3. Set up Google AdSense.
    • Expected outcome: Site serves AdSense plain text non-intrusive ads.
  4. Set up “donations” system.
    • Research the options (PayPal, DOULUV, etc.).
    • Expected outcome: Visitors can donate flexible sums (one time, periodically), and designate intended purpose.
  5. Review and improve my processes and workflows.
  6. Profit 🙂

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