Some More Google Inbox Feedback

Following up on my earlier Inbox thoughts and feedback, I wanted to share new feedback from the last 3-4 days.

This time I’ll jump straight to to feedback:

  1. When I get an email that was auto-forwarded from one of my aliases (e.g. Google Apps email), the default “Reply” behavior in Inbox is to “reply to all” (including myself). This is not desired, and not consistent with Gmail, where the default behavior was “reply to sender” (and set “from address” to the alias).
  2. In Gmail, I used to apply labels using the keyboard. L would open the label menu, and I could type a label prefix to filter the labels list and apply it. This doesn’t work in Inbox. I had to use the mouse to click “Move To”, and scroll and select the label / bundle to apply. When I forget that typing doesn’t filter the list, I accidentally perform unexpected operations on the item…

The last, most painful one:

  1. No more multiple labels support?!?! There’s only “Move To”! Moving to a bundle / label replaces the existing bundle / label. OMG, why???

If you agree with any of these – please submit it too, so the issue gets the attention it needs! To submit feedback, scroll to the bottom of the sidebar, click “Help & Feedback”, and “Send Feedback”.

I also encourage you to share your feedback that I didn’t cover!

And no, I don’t have invites yet…

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