When Audible Meets Google: Cool or Creepy?

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Last week, I finished listening to the audio book version of All the Light We Cannot See, by Anthony Doerr.

The book is wonderful, and I warmly recommend it. In the book, we go back and forth between the stories of the blind french girl Marie-Laure, and the orphan german boy Werner, as they grow up with the second world war shaping their lives.

This is not a summary or a review of the book, so I will not go further into describing the story. I would like to show you a random digest email I got from Google+, a few days after finishing the book:

Oh, have I mentioned that a significant part of the story takes places in Saint-Malo?? 🙂

Take notice – I used Audible to buy and listen to the audio book, using my Amazon account. I got this Airbnb G+ post from Google+, urging me to explore a place I just “experienced” through a book!

Yes, I understand it was easy for Google to know that I bought the book, because I got the receipt to my Gmail. I’m not surprised that they knew. I’m surprised that they were able to time it so well with when I finished the book. I have many books in my Audible libraries. I don’t listen to all of them immediately after purchasing them…

Anyway, I thought it was cool. I believe many will find this more creepy than cool. I think it’s generally a good thing, if it allows Google to show me things that might interest me, when those things may be relevant for me. What do you think? Cool or creepy?

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