Python Logging Traps

The Pythons logging framework is powerful, but gives you plenty of ways to shoot yourself in the foot. To make matters worse, logging mistakes are subtle and slip through code review easily.

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In his time at Venmo, Simon had seen logging mistakes cause everything from unneeded debugging to application crashes. Here are the most common culprits.

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On Python Closures

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Closures are an interesting concept in computer programming. They can be powerful and useful, but they also can be tricky to understand and use well.

In this post, I try to provide a clear explanation of closures, and go into specifics on closures support in Python.

Being an “interesting programming concept” is nice, but not enough for me. I will present a real use-case for closures in Python.

No programming language is perfect (though Python comes close 😉 ). Programming languages that choose to support closures often need to make difficult tradeoffs. I will discuss some of the choices that were made in Python, and their implications.

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Quick Evernote Template-based Note Creation with Launchy

Recently, I redesigned my GTD system based on Evernote as the main tool.

I believe strongly that the chosen tools should not “get in the way” of interacting with the system, so when I noticed that several of my Evernote workflows include too much repetitiveness and friction – I looked for ways to reduce that friction and enable me to concentrate on the content and not the meta.

Since I am already a fan of Launchy keyboard launcher, I sought for the ideal integration between Launchy and Evernote – something that would allow me to quickly create template-based notes in Evernote, whatever the active application is, in as frictionless way as possible, while still being flexible and powerful.

I found a couple of ideas, like Brandon’s My Simple Curiosity post on Evernote note templates, and Stephen’s Thought Asylum post on the same subject. These posts were inspiring and helpful, and I wound up developing my own solution, relying on stuff I learned from them.

The result is a collection of scripts and utilities I wrote, that does exactly what I want.

This Evernote-Launchy integration allows quick creation of parametrized template-based notes from Launchy on Windows!

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