Launching the Command Prompt from Anywhere with AutoHotKey

When working on my Windows laptop, I often find myself needing to launch a new command prompt. The need usually arises in the active folder in Windows Explorer, or in Total Commander (my favorite file manager on Windows).

This happens pretty often, so I decided to create a keyboard shortcut to automate the process. To do this, I used AutoHotKey – the awesome Windows automation tool.

Properties and features of the AHK script I came up with:

  • Invoked with a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T (so it’s consistent with launching the terminal in Linux).
  • If in Windows Explorer – start the command prompt in the current directory.
  • If in Total Commander – start the command prompt in the current directory of the active pane.
  • Otherwise, use a default directory (e.g., the home directory).

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