Side Projects and Blog Posts

In a previous post I described my workflow for side projects in general. I wrote that throughout the project I publish blog posts describing my thoughts, plans, progress, etc.

In this post I describe in further detail the technicalities of side-project-related blog posts. I explain my guidelines and considerations for some of the common blog posts that accompany side projects. I also describe how I use WordPress features and plugins to generate project index pages and lists of active and archived projects. These features include custom fields, page hierarchies, and queries, with a couple of plugins and template modifications.

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My Side-Projects Workflow

One of the main types of content I publish on this blog is series of posts accompanying my various side-projects. These projects usually arise from one of my hobbies or interests.

As a pretty methodical individual, I came up with a workflow for planning and executing my side-projects. In this post I’d like to delve into it a bit, sharing my thoughts, so you know what to expect with my project-related posts.

The workflow I describe here applies to the common type of side-projects. This includes building software, web application, maker and DIY projects.

Without further ado, here’s the general workflow:

  1. Project high-level outcomes and goals definition.
  2. If new concepts or technologies are involved – hack a quick & dirty prototype to facilitate learning.
  3. Requirements analysis.
  4. Project roadmap planning.
  5. Implementation.

(where steps 3..5 may be iterative for not-small projects)

Each step is usually accompanied by one or more blog posts, where I share my thoughts, plans, and insights. By sharing, I hope to get feedback from the community that will help me do the best that I can.

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