Android Call Logs Backup

The call logs on Android devices are stored in a database on the device, holding your records of incoming and outgoing calls. At this time, Android has no built-in mechanism that synchronizes this database with some online cloud service (compared, for instance, to the contacts data, that can be synchronized to your Google Contacts account).

If you consider your call logs something of any value, you will probably want to make sure this data is covered by some backup scheme – and this is what I am going to deal with in this post.

I use the Call Logs Backup & Restore app, which is free on Google Play store.

This post is written using v3.02 of the app.

Use the Call Logs Backup & Restore app to backup your Android call logs

Setting up call logs backup

Start by setting a local path for backups (Menu -> Preferences -> Backup Folder) – I use the external SD card for these things:

For a manual backup, simply click the Backup button on the main screen, and enter a name for the XML backup file (or leave the default value) – and you’re done!

But manual backups are not very good backups, as they require you to maintain them and run them periodically. Fortunately, the app has the wonderful feature of scheduled backup!

Setting up scheduled backups

Back in the Preferences screen, go into the Scheduled Settings screen, enable it, and set a backup schedule (e.g. weekly):

Cloud storage??

Unfortunately, at the moment, the app does not offer cloud-backup feature (like the Dropbox upload for the similar SMS Backup app), so this is all the backup possible with this app, meaning you’ll have to manually copy the backups off to an external location, which is a shame. But I guess this feature is on the way, as SMS Backup is from the same developer, and the Preferences screen has a Coming Soon option for Cloud Backup:

That covers backup for your call logs. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

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