App Highlights: Twilight

According to research, exposure to blue light near bedtime is bad.

Twilight is a simple app that makes your device screen adapt to the time of the day. Using the app is like applying a red filter to the screen, filtering emitted blue light from reaching your eyes. The app uses your location, to adjust the filter intensity to the sun cycle, based on local sunset and sunrise times.

App Highlights is a recurring series. From time to time, I highlight one Android app that I found useful. Feel free to suggest apps for me to highlight, but be advised that I focus on apps that I actually use.

Don’t let bright blue light mess with your sleep. Use Twilight.

The app is simple and straight forward. Install it, and you’re done. It will automatically adjust the red filter, following your local sun cycle.

If you really must tinker with everything (like me), you can control the color temperature, filter intensity, and screen dim. You can also set it to filter during custom time frames, or based on your alarm.

Got something that requires precise display and sharp colors? You can always “pause” the app, and “resume” it once you’re finished. You can even set it to auto-pause in specified apps.

Want to explore more on the Circadian rhythm and such? Here are a couple of links to get you started:

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