Getting Perfect Baby Formula Temperature, Instantly

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Fixing up a bottle of formula (or two) for your baby isn’t complicated. Boil some water, add in formula, shake, cool it down. Why not save yourself some time and effort, by getting the perfect water temperature? In an instant? Always?

I’m sure I’m not the first to use this trick, but thought it might be useful to share. It definitely helped me to shorten the time from a hungry baby to a bottled baby 🙂

The gist of the tip is to pre-fill bottles with 70-80% room temperature water. Then, adding the final 20-30% of boiling hot water + formula + shake results an instantly ready-to-feed bottle!

The amount of pre-filled water depends on your room temperature, and your target temperature. As an example, a standard bottle for my twins is 180ml water with 3 spoons formula. During the Israeli summer, when room temperature is gazillion degrees, I keep bottles at around 145ml.

There are many other ways, of course. You could use 100% boiling water and cool it down in ice water. You could use 100% room temperature water and heat it up in a bottle warmer. I like my method, because it’s quick, and can be easily applied anywhere. When we go outside, we take pre-filled bottles and a thermos, and we’re set.

Got tips & tricks of your own? Let me know through the comments!

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