The Ostrich Website Project: Intro and Goals

If you are reading these lines, you probably know what The Ostrich website is. It’s my personal and professional website and blog, and I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

For me, it is also one of my ongoing side projects. Like other side projects, it comes with a workflow, and accompanying blog posts. I realize this case may suffer a bit from self-reference, but I like being meta.

This post is an introduction to The Ostrich Website project. In this post I define high-level outcomes and goals for this project.

Project Outcomes and Goals

The obvious outcome of this project is this very blog that you are reading.

For me, the blog is my little corner in the Internet. It’s where I can write about whatever I want to, even if it’s just for me 🙂

If I think something’s interesting, and worth sharing – I want to have the platform to do it easily, on my own terms.

Social networks are nice and all. But I don’t consider social platforms fit for sharing timeless information. They are not under my control. They are transient.

I am passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. So having a platform to support that makes sense.

I constantly think about ways to do the things I do better. Methods to improve my workflows. Tools to reduce friction. Being pretty methodical, and with little free time, I try to implement some of my ideas by turning them into side projects. By managing these projects publicly through this blog, I hope to create self-accountability, motivating myself to make progress.

A side product of this, is that I gain an online portfolio. Hurray!

If I can also generate passive income without too much effort, it would be nice. As a goal, I’d like to generate enough income to cover the costs of setting up and running this blog.

To sum up, the goals of The Ostrich Website Project are:

  1. Set up and launch my corner in the Internet, where I can write and publish whatever content I want to.
  2. Specifically, configure the platform to integrate well with my side projects workflow.
  3. Find ways to generate revenue from my content, at least covering my costs.
The Ostrich website is my corner in the Internet

A Note on Causality

Due to the meta-nature of this side project, some of the content is written long before the blog relaunch. You may see posts referring to future posts. I took the liberty to do whatever I want 🙂

For instance, according to the side projects workflow description, crude prototype for learning and experimentation comes after the goal and outcome definition. In this case, you will not see posts related to the prototype stage. As mentioned in the relaunch post, the entire era of was an experimentation stage.

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