App Highlights: Pushbullet

Pushbullet is the missing link between your mobile devices and other computers. With its various mobile apps and browser extensions, it finally allows you to move between mobile and desktop with ease.

The features that make Pushbullet one of the first things I install include:

  • Notification sync: the mobile app sends notifications to the desktop, so I don’t need to pick up the phone while working on my laptop.
  • Push links (and files, and notes): push something from the desktop to the phone, instantly. no more emailing-to-self nonsense!
  • SMS from desktop: send and reply to SMS messages from the laptop, without picking up the phone!

App Highlights is a recurring series. From time to time, I highlight one Android app that I found useful. Feel free to suggest apps for me to highlight, but be advised that I focus on apps that I actually use.

Pushbullet is the missing link between mobile and desktop

Pushbullet has Android app, iPhone app, Chrome extension, Firefox add-on, and Opera add-on. Safari extension, and desktop apps for Windows and OS X are also on the way.

You just install the relevant app(s) and extension(s), and sign in on all platforms. That’s it. You’ll start seeing your notifications on the desktop, pushing links and files to the phone, and replying to SMS from the browser!

Who isn’t familiar with the infamous self-emailing habit, just to get that link or image from side to side?

Pushbullet set out to solve this from day one. Since then, they kept on adding fantastic features that streamline the workflows of, well, everybody!

Pushbullet solved the infamous email-to-self problem!

Worried that you’ll get flooded with useless notifications, like installed updates, or hangout messages that you already get on the desktop? Don’t sweat it! Every notification you’ll get on the desktop has controls that allow you to dismiss it, or mute all notifications from that app. You can also select apps to sync from the Android app settings.

Fairly recent cool new features:

  • Universal copy & paste – copy on any device, paste on any other device! (mind the potential security implications though)
  • Channels – subscribe to content channels and get updates pushed to the device, without installing zillion apps for every little thing you’re interested in! (there’s even a channel for The Ostrich!)

You can go hardcore, and use the IFTTT Pushbullet channel or the Zapier Pushbullet integration. With a little creativity, you can hook together cool automations to push useful stuff to your phone! Like this push birthday reminders, or this alert on package shipping status change.

Combine Pushbullet with IFTTT or Zapier for really hardcore automation!

What’s your interesting and original use-case? Share in the comments!

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