Weekly Review, March 14

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Today was Pi day, and this year was “super Pi day”. I already mentioned it this morning. I also mentioned Pi day is celebrated as “Aba day” in my family, thanks to my perfect wife. She’s not into the geekiness, but she’s into making it an awesome day! Today included lemon meringue pie for breakfast, Pi-decor and balloons with a bunch of Pi digits floating around the house, pizza-pie for lunch, and some Pi-centric fashion statements 🙂

The Weekly Review is a recurring (sort-of-)weekly summary, reviewing highlights from the last week.

Blog posts from the last few weeks

  1. I discovered how to use Python’s print without a trailing newline.
  2. I started playing with Python ctypes to interface between Python and C modules.
  3. Happy Pi Day!.
  4. The previous weekly review

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