Weekly Review, February 21

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In case you missed it, Lenovo preinstalled an adware called Superfish on Windows laptops. Not only that this adware obnoxiously injects ads to your search results, turns out that the Superfish adware implements man-in-the-middle to do its thing!

If you think that’s bad enough, the certificate they use to do this was easy to crack… This means that anyone can use this to implement man-in-the-middle attacks against machines with the Superfish certificate installed… 🙁 In case you’re curious, the password is “komodia”.

Scared? Rightly so! Go ahead and check yourself, and clean it up if you’ve got it!

Interesting to see claims that the adware poses no risk… O_o

The Weekly Review is a recurring (sort-of-)weekly summary, reviewing highlights from the last week.

Blog posts from the last few weeks

  1. Another Python post, on the subtle differences between Python lists and generators.
  2. Continuing my SCons series, I fixed some issues in the original Protoc builder, and added a Proto shortcut.
  3. The previous weekly review.

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Web selections

Google just released tablet-optimized Inbox apps – just in time for my new iPad! 🙂

Also recently released from Google, a cloud security scanner. Cool.

Since Google releasing stuff is a theme here, MapReduce for C is a really useful thing if you want to run native code on Hadoop! (on GitHub)

And if I moved to Google-development stuff, why not mention the new open source tools for measuring cloud performance..?

Now, to something completely not Google-related, this Raspberry-Pi based wireless power outlet project](http://timleland.com/wireless-power-outlets/) looks cool.

Turns out the Raspberry Pi 2 is camera-shy. Also known as “when the photoelectric effect meets RPi2”. There be crashes!

Lifehacker rounded up the 5 best file encryption tools. Check it out. tl;dr – VeraCrypt is the new TrueCrypt.

Side project updates

Once again, none.

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