Check Out These Python Podcasts

I recently discovered two new podcasts about Python!

I think both podcasts started about the same time – 3-4 months back. I found out about them a few weeks ago, and managed to catch up on the episode backlog 🙂 .

Both are based on conversations with people from the industry and Python community.

Talk Python To Me is hosted by Michael Kennedy. At the least, check out the show theme music. Beyond that, I enjoyed the technical depth of the conversations. Especially the episodes about Netflix, Flask, and Docker. The production quality is surprisingly good for a young independent podcast.

Podcast.__init__ is hosted by Tobias Macey and Chris Patti. This show could use some nicer production-fu, as much as I enjoy a whispering guest along a shouting host. Many of the conversations on this show are interesting as well, like the one with the Python guys. Personally, I enjoyed the more technical conversations, compared to the culture-themed ones.

If you’re a Python-enthusiast, definitely look into these podcasts!

  • Tobias Macey
    July 24, 2015

    Hello, this is Tobias, the host of Podcast.init
    Thank you for the writeup! I appreciate you taking the time to share my podcast with your audience and for providing your feedback. As to the audio quality, we have been steadily working on improving our process to produce a better experience for our audience. We are limited in that this is a hobby project that we are not making any money on, so the amount of time that I can justify spending on it is limited. That being said, I am committed to making the show as good as possible, so you can expect great things from us in the future.

    If you or anyone else ever wants to provide feedback, I can be reached on Twitter as @Podcast__init__ or @TobiasMacey, on Google+ at or by email at

    • Itamar Ostricher
      July 24, 2015

      Thanks for chiming in Tobias!

      I can only imagine the challenges in making something like that come to life, especially as a hobby project. I see you set up a few donation channels, but I don’t remember noticing any sponsors on the show itself. Do you have any? IF not, have you considered it?

      In any case, the content is great, so keep up the good work! 🙂

      • Tobias Macey
        July 24, 2015

        Hello Itamar,

        We don’t have any sponsors, though I was approached with a proposition recently. At the moment I am trying to avoid an arrangement that would require adding commercials into the show as I generally find it irksome when I listen to a podcast with too many sponsor breaks. One avenue that I may explore with potential sponsors is to place their advertising in the messages I send via the show mailing list as that would be less obtrusive to the overall experience.

        I’m glad that you have been enjoying the content! Are there any episodes or topics that stand out as your favorites? Anything that you would like to hear about which we haven’t covered yet?

        • Itamar Ostricher
          July 24, 2015

          Personally, I think there can be a reasonable amount of commercials without hurting the show. As a listener, I can definitely understand it. In your case, you could pick sponsor(s) that bring value to your specific audience (like what @mkennedy did), so it’s not just “understandable”, it’s also potentially valuable.

          My favorite episode so far was the one with the IPython guys. Haven’t listened yet to the latest episode on Pytest, but I have a feeling I’ll like this one as well 🙂

          Some topics from the top of my mind that I’d love to hear on your show:

          • Python in the world of continuous integration / continuous delivery. It feels like a Java-dominated world, and I often find myself playing with Java to do things I’d rather do in Python, just because Jenkins is Java-centric. I wonder if there are hidden Python stuff I’m missing there.
          • Python in the realm of distributed cluster management and scheduling and distributed pipelines (think Mesos / Spark / Hadoop / Google Dataflow / Google Borg). Again, pretty Java-centric.

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