The Ostrich Website Branding Decisions

Making decisions regarding my new website branding is the first milestone in The Ostrich website project roadmap. This post is a project progress report, summarizing the completion of the milestone.

The outcomes, as apparent if you’re reading this on my blog, are:

  1. I decided to move away from the old branding.
  2. The new site name is The Ostrich.
  3. New site tagline: Break; Build; Repeat;.
  4. Domain for new site: Being also my last name, I already own it. So, hurray!
  5. Social network branded account / profiles / pages created:
    1. Facebook page “The Ostrich” with address Ostrich.IO (The.Ostrich wasn’t available..).
    2. Google+ page “The Ostrich” with address Ostricher.IO + Google+ community The Ostrich (I’m not sure what’s the difference though).
    3. Twitter account “The Ostrich” with handle @OstricherIO.
    4. Quora blog at (not sure what I’ll do with it).
    5. Tumblr account at (not sure what I’ll do with it).
    6. Reddit account as ostrichio (yet again, not sure what I’ll do with it).
    7. Pinterest account as ostrichio (…again…).
    8. StumbleUpon account as ostrichio (..guess what..).
    9. GitHub organization at (though I’m not sure how to use it along my personal account..).

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