App Highlights: Our Groceries

Our Groceries is a super-useful app that keeps multiple lists synchronized between multiple devices and users.

The obvious use-case, as hinted by the name of the app, is sync’ing grocery lists between family members. This apps does it in a simple and intuitive way!

App Highlights is a recurring series. From time to time, I highlight one Android app that I found useful. Feel free to suggest apps for me to highlight, but be advised that I focus on apps that I actually use.

Our Groceries is a super-useful app that keeps multiple lists synchronized between multiple devices and users.

The app is available for Android and iOS, which is important for a mixed household, like mine. It also has web access, but I had no use for it so far.

Out of the app store, you can immediately create and edit lists to your hearts content. The app comes with presets for groceries, as this is the main use-case.

The app really shines when you start using list sharing!

In my case, Oogi created an account first, using her email address. When I installed the app, I entered her email address in the List sharing menu. The app sent her an email asking for permission to share her lists with me. Once she approved the request, her lists magically appeared in my app.

(pardon my Hebrew)

The interface is so simple, there’s nothing to explain. You select a list. You can add items to the list. You can cross off items from the list by tapping them. You can uncross an item (if you miss-clicked) by tapping the crossed-off item. You can also clear the crossed-off list.

The sync works so well, it’s impressive. New items appear almost instantly on other devices. Crossed-off items are updated just as fast. It’s so smooth, that Oogi and I are able to simultaneously shop and cross-off items, with no risk of duplicates 🙂 !

The app also handles RTL Hebrew surprisingly well, which is something that even popular apps sometimes don’t get right.

Although the app name implies grocery-lists, there’s no reason to limit your usage! The app basically provides infrastructure for synchronized lists. We use it also to track our coupons, and as a checklist for the twins’ diaper-bag. Another possible use-case may be shared todo-list. Got more use-case suggestions? Share via the comments!

Our Groceries app provides simple and intuitive synchronized lists – you can use it for more than grocery lists!

Of course, there’s also a paid key to support the developer and remove ads.

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