Weekly Review, October 25

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I’m a productivity / self-management geek. I love making TODO lists, and I’m always on the hunt for the “perfect tool” to fit my GTD-based workflow. Combined with the fact that I also love tinkering with my workflow constantly, it’s not surprising that I still haven’t found that perfect tool.

For a long time I wanted to tackle my “personal productivity system”, rethinking it given the changes in my life. The last time I did it, I had no kids, different day job, and I was working mostly in a Windows environment. Now, with twins, very different day job, and mostly Mac / Linux environments – the old system is rotting.

My plan was to finish with the website project, and start the next project – rethinking my GTD system. I’m babbling about it now, because Google launched Inbox, forcing me to jump straight into evaluating it as a candidate for a TODO system. I got my invite today (h/t @erang). So far I like it. It feels like merging features from Gmail, Google Now, and Boomerang. I just wish I had it on my two Google-Apps-powered accounts too… Who wants invites?

In an unrelated thread, I’m getting annoyed with post-sharing on Facebook. Looks like it ignores the post thumbnail image for most of my shared posts… Anyone has any idea what’s up with that..?

The Weekly Review is (hopefully) a recurring summary, reviewing highlights from the last week.

Blog posts from the last week

  1. Continuing the website project, I presented my hosting service provider “research”.
  2. Continuing the SCons series, with a short dirty hack to simplify SConscripts even more.
  3. The previous weekly review.

In the coming weeks, I plan to continue writing on the website side project, and the SCons series. Hopefully, I will be able to squeeze in some Mac training as well. The best way to keep up with new posts is to follow the feed.

Web selections

Lifehacker had their fifth annual Evil Week. Always much fun.

An interesting sync speed test from the BitTorrent Blog.

Google added support for physical USB “Security Key” for enhanced 2-step verification. Lets see how long it takes for the bad guys to spread infected USB keys disguised as a security keys.

Here’s someone who turned his laptop screen into an external monitor. Nice.

A new feature in OS X Yosemite – batch renaming files in Finder. Not very powerful, just a simple search-and-replace dialog on multi-selected files. Probably good enough for most cases. I still like the Total Commander batch renaming tool. RegEx’es and such!

Side project updates

As you can imagine, I’m still elbow deep in the website project. As expected, a new site comes with new technical issues. Please, do report issues that cross your path.

This week I implemented support for embedded images in Evernote-post-notes. This allows me to paste images straights into the post I’m composing.

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